Party Room in the Svinhuset

In our pig house you can rent a magnificent party room for the big party, the wedding in Österlen or the celebration day. We have everything needed for a successful party. We opened the local Easter 2005 with art exhibitions and antiques. Immediately we got a request to have a big wedding in the room as this was considered so beautiful. Of course we set up and for the summer the wedding went off and it became a successful event.

Nowadays we use the hall for business, art gallery, conference, concert and party room depending on demand. We have all possibilities open.

The main hall is 128m² with a living room of 30 m² and accommodates just over a hundred guests. Adjacent to the party floor is a very good catering kitchen where you can prepare most things for the party.

We have room for about 20 overnight guests and you have the whole yard at your disposal. Since the farm is secluded, neighbors are not disturbed by your good mood. You are always welcome to visit us and look at the yard if you have the roads past.

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Fact Party Room in the Svinhuset

  • Room for just over 100 guests!
  • Rooms 128 m²
  • Cabin 30 m²
  • Catering kitchen
  • Fridge and freezer
  • 20 guests can stay overnight

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