About us – The Brinte family

Kerstin and Henric Brinte, Borrby Kungsgård

Henric was born to be a farmer. He grow up on a farm, not far away, where his parents run the 30 hectare big farm “Gubbenehög”. Henric is today a full time farmer and runs the 330 hectare “Borrby Kungsgård”, where of 30 hectare is ecological, by him selves. When he needs extra workers he calls for help at the local farmershelp.

Kerstin loves to collect old things and renovate them carefully. She is a teacher in mathematics and physics and works at a school not far away. She is the one who takes care of the buildings, housekeeping and garden at the farm. 

50 years ago, the farm employed 27 people: the farmer himself plus boys and maids. Today, Henric manages the entire operation himself with his son Oscar. Times are changing.

Björne and Ella are the farm's watchdogs who keep order for children and adults. Where the dogs are there are usually the children. Cats and chickens also live in the yard and the cats usually stay out among the buildings and chase the house mouse.

In the park there is a family of glades and at the pond we often visit by a heron. Out in the fields there are plenty of deer and hares and our hope is to continue to have sheep in the summers that can keep the grazing open in the park.

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